Jamie Lynn Spear and Casey Aldridge Break Up

Jamie Lynn Spear and Casey Aldridge Break Up

Latest rumor has it that Jamie Lynn Spears broke up with Casey Aldridge. The rumors of their break up have been floating around for a few months but have not been confirmed by any party involved. US Magazine claims that according to their sources, Jamie Lynn Spear and Casey Aldridge are no longer together and that a break up took place for sure. It has been truly quiet around Jamie Lynn Spears lately as she spends most of her time looking after her 19 months old daughter Maddie Briann. Makes you wonder what Casey Aldridge is up to if he’s not with Jamie Lynn.

Jamie Lynn Spear and Casey Aldridge Photo by Bruce Glikas, Film Magic
Source: US Magazine

Casey Aldridge Recovers from Car Crash, Serves as Best Man

Casey Aldridge Recovers from Car Crash, Serves as Best Man

Looks like Casey Aldridge, boyfriend of Jamie Lynn Spears and baby daddy of little Maddie Briann has recovered from horrific car crash on April 26 when he flipped over an F-250 truck. Two week later and Casey Aldridge is out of the hospital and can walk well enough to serve as Best Man at his cousin’s wedding.

The witnesses who were guests at the wedding say that Casey Aldridge was still weak after not walking for two weeks, but tried hard and did pretty well. He may need few more weeks till he back at his full strength, but he’s recovering and everything seems fine. As it always goes with gossips – some say he was limping and barely dragging himself along while others insist he was doing OK and had no issues moving around without much difficulty. Go figure.

The wedding of Casey’s cousin took place at Luckett Lodge in Brandon, Mississippi last Saturday. It was a smaller size wedding with only about 50 guests invited. Jamie Lynn Spears was also at the wedding, but she only helped greet guests and wasn’t with the wedding party.

Speaking of weddings, it appears that wedding between Jamie Lynn Spears and Casey Aldridge will not become reality anytime soon. The two are still together as they have been all this time despite various rumors that they’re breaking up, but no plans for wedding.

Also note, that little Maddie Briann is almost year old. She will be one on June 19, 2009. Her birthday is only a little over a month away. Yay!

Hopefully now that Casey Aldridge has recovered from serious injury and (perhaps we could say) near death experience, perhaps now he’s gonna look at the world through more serious shades and will quit acting like a silly teenager and start acting like a responsible father who’s needed there at all times by both Jamie Lynn Spears and Maddie Briann.

Casey Aldridge Car Crash – Jamie Lynn’s Baby Daddy in Hospital

Casey Aldridge Car Crash - Jamie Lynn's Baby Daddy in Hospital

Casey Aldridge, baby daddy of Jamie Lynn Spears’ daughter Maddie Briann is in hospital after bad car crash last night. According to reports, Casey Aldridge was driving his F-250 truck on the way back from a fishing trip with his friends when at approximately 1.30am he lost control over a vehicle and flipped it over. The police say alcohol was not involved, however they are charging Casey Aldridge with a misdemeanor, a careless operation of a motor vehicle. There were a total of five people in a truck, three, including Casey were ejected from it after he overestimated his driving abilities.

Casey Aldridge was immediately taken to a hospital by air ambulance to Riverside Medical Center in Ferriday, Louisiana because of potential critical condition. His condition has stabilized in the meantime but he will stay at the University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson, Mississippi for a few days. TMZ is reporting that reports claiming that Casey Aldridge had to undergo brain surgery were false. According to a family member, Casey had suffered minor skull fracture, but nothing as bad as to require surgery.

Jamie Lynn Spears as well as Casey’s sister Ashley rushed to the University of Mississippi Medical Center and are presently by Casey’s side. Here’s wishing from us at Jamie Lynn Spears [dot] ca that Casey Aldridge gets well soon and returns to his girlfriend and little Maddie Briann soon.

Jamie Lynn Spears Turns 18 Year Old

Jamie Lynn Spears Turns 18

Jamie Lynn Spears turns 18 this Saturday – August 4th. Time flies by so fast, it doesn’t seem like that at all. It actually seems as though it was only yesterday when we were all talking about a 16 year old Zoey 101 star being pregnant and voila – come Saturday, Jamie Lynn Spears will be legally 18 year old. It went by really fast.

As you may know from Jamie Lynn Spears’ Biography, she was born on April 4th 1991. Even though I’m not sure what her local laws are like, but I’m pretty sure Jamie Lynn Spears will be able to vote or watch XXX movies. Depending on her local jurisdiction, she may even be able to buy alcohol. Yeah, those are the perks of being 18 year old. Where did all that time go though. I’ve only blinked twice or thrice and Jamie Lynn Spears turned from 16 into 18. Gosh!

When we first learned about Jamie Lynn Spears being pregnant, it all seemed to extraordinary. She was 16 year old and known for being Britney’s little sister and a Zoey 101 star. Mother Lynne postponed the release of her book Through the Storm because entire world of show-business was rocked with the teenage pregnancy news. But despite all the ill wishers and predictions that she would be a terrible mother, Jamie Lynn Spears has proven everyone wrong and Maddie Briann has been growing up with a nice loving mom.

We wish you all the best to your 18th birthday, Jamie Lynn Spears. Hope you and your family enjoy many more happy years to come.

Jamie Lynn Spears Cancels Rumored Wedding to Casey Aldridge

Jamie Lynn Spears Cancels Rumored Wedding to Casey Aldridge

Jamie Lynn Spears says she still loves Casey Aldridge, but there will be no wedding. All plans to wed each other have allegedly been canceled. If I was to guess, it was Mother Lynne who intervened and cancelled the wedding on behalf of Jamie Lynn Spears. She never wanted someone as ordinary as Casey Aldridge to marry his famous daughter. Mother Lynne is too money and fame hungry to allow for that.

Jamie Lynn Spears and Casey Aldridge went to see the concert of Britney Spears in New Orleans at the beginning of March. Circus tour is doing very well for Britney and young couple wanted to be there when famous Britney puts on a show. Jamie Lynn and Casey were seen coming to a concert and leaving it as a loving couple. There was nothing to even remotely hint that there are issues within a relationship and it still seems that way. So why would Jamie Lynn Spears cancel wedding plans? I swear it must have been Mother Lynne who intervened.

Casey Aldridge still lives together with Jamie Lynn Spears, they’re both happy and content and very much in love. According to sources close to OK Magazine, Jamie Lynn Spears has everything she needs, including a loving boyfriend. As such, she doesn’t need a ring and a piece of paper to seal their happy life with wedding. Hence all wedding plans were canceled. Or maybe just postponed… for now!

Jamie Lynn Spears “Yoga Keeps Me Flexible” Photo Credit: INFphoto.com

Jamie Lynn Spears Recording Country Album

Jamie Lynn Spears Recording Country Album

Yes, it’s been very quite on all Jamie Lynn Spears fronts, but while her big sister Britney is selling out one venue after another (even with occasional verbal wardrobe malfunction), Jamie Lynn has not been idle. According to E! Online, Jamie Lynn Spears is going country and has been working on a country album since fall of 2008. That’s Jessica Simpson all over again.

Long before she became pregnant, Jamie Lynn Spears was asked by Associated Press how he saw her future. She told them she was going to stick with acting for a while, but would like to end up singing eventually. Looks like the plans have mixed up for her and since her acting career was put to stop with Zoey 101 series being defunct, Jamie Lynn Spears is putting all of her focus on singing. She’s a new country star in making.

There has been no official comments on the speculations from any of the Spears yet, but Jamie Lynn has allegedly already recorded some demo tracks in Nashville. She just needs a record label to cover her up so she’s shopping around for one. The only one time Jamie Lynn Spears recorded any music, it was with her sister Britney for Zoey 101 theme song. She’s been out of entertainment scene completely since birth of her daughter Maddie Briann. Even rumors of her wedding to Casey Aldridge seem to have been put on hold. And maybe this is why. Maybe Jamie Lynn Spears truly is recording a country album and it was her priority in life. So things like wedding were put on hold until the album is out. We’ll have to wait and see. We could be talking about a future country star.

Source: E! Online

Jamie Lynn Spears School Photos (Very Rare)

Jamie Lynn Spears Rare School Photo

Somebody posted a video on youtube with rare school photos of Jamie Lynn Spears. These school photos are a collection of official grade pictures that are put up and framed in a class picture board. There are images of Jamie Lynn Spears from early school years, to when she was a little bit older. There is also an image of Jamie Lynn Spears with her team of cheerleaders and one photo of Jamie Lynn Spears sitting behind the desk in a class of her school. These are all very rare school photos. I took screenshots from the original video, that was posted by a French guy who meantimely removed that video, but somebody else posted an edited version of it – you can find it within this post, just scroll a little bit down.

There hasn’t been a whole lot going on with Jamie Lynn Spears lately. As a matter of fact, it’s been awfully quiet. Last we’ve heard from her, it was when the rumor of her wedding to Casey Aldridge hit the waves, but there’s been nothing since. She probably focuses entirely on bringing up her daughter Maddie Briann. Maddie obviously grows up with loving mother by her side. All those people who were saying that Jamie Lynn Spears is too young and that her baby will end up like children of Britney Spears can show a shoe in their mouth or up their bums. Jamie Lynn Spears is a good and dedicated mother. We at Jamie Lynn Spears [dot] ca have been big fans and supporters of her and hope she’ll get support from her friends all over the world with responses to this post. Wish Jamie Lynn Spears the best of luck and a healthy family.

In the meantime, enjoy these very rare, but pretty Jamie Lynn Spears School Photos. The video with pictures is below and a whole gallery with screenshots is at the bottom.

Gallery with nine rare school photos of Jamie Lynn Spears is below. You can comment on each picture individually:

Jamie Lynn Spears When She Was Little

Jamie Lynn Spears When She Was Little

It’s been awfully quiet around Jamie Lynn Spears so I’d like to make a post with picture of Jamie Lynn Spears when she was little. Jamie was such a cute kid. As you surely know, she was exposed to stardom since her early age. Her big sister Britney Spears released Baby One More Time – her debut album in 1999 when Jamie Lynn Spears was just 8 year old.

As fame of Britney Spears grew, so did the whole Spears’ family. Jamie Lynn Spears went on her own way to stardom in 2002 when she appeared in movie Crossroads, playing young Lucy, who was a Britney Spears character. At the same time, Jamie Lynn Spears was also modeling Kids R Us clothes.

Jamie Lynn then stared alongside Britney in Nickelodeon’s All That, a show that was full of famous people, like Justin Timberlake, Nick Cannon and Aaron Carter.

When she was 13, Jamie Lynn Spears told Teen People’s magazine in an interview that she didn’t have a boyfriend, because there were no cute boys on Earth. Come 2005, Jamie Lynn Spears scored a lead role in Nickelodeon’s show Zoey 101. Britney helped her with team song and sang back vocals for it.

Casey Aldridge was officially introduced to the world in 2007 at the premiere of Nancy Drew. The two were seeing each other secretly for a while, but this was the first time Jamie Lynn Spears went public about it. We all know what happened next, right? Shortly after thanksgiving, Jamie Lynn Spears announced that she was pregnant. She was 16 – well, and that was your brief Jamie Lynn Spears bio with a picture of her when she was little. Hope you enjoyed and stay tuned until there is some “new” news from the life of Jamie Lynn Spears.

Jamie Lynn Spears Wedding with Casey Aldridge News

Jamie Lynn Spears Wedding with Casey Aldridge News

Despite countless reports that the relationship between Jamie Lynn Spears and her fiancé Casey Aldridge has been shaky, the two are determined to get married and news has it that Jamie Lynn Spears is trying to go ahead with wedding plans as soon as possible. According to some reports, Jamie Lynn has already picked a wedding gown for herself – one from Monique Lhuillier collection.

There is no official date for the wedding yet, but the couple has already ordered wedding invitations and Jamie Lynn Spears is doing everything to make sure the wedding is very special.

I’m glad Jamie Lynn and Casey Aldridge patched things up after all that ruckus with Kelli Dawson and Casey’s alleged cheating. All the cheating rumors were denounced by Casey Aldridge and whatever was going on, it looks like it’s been sorted out and the couple is moving on. Wedding is due next and then Maddie Briann will have a complete family with married parents.

We will update you on the wedding date and venue as soon as the news becomes available. We’re looking forward to seeing the pictures and wish them both a great wedding. Go Jamie Lynn Spears :)

Jamie Lynn Spears and Casey Aldridge Pic by X17online

Adessa Eskridge – Jamie Lynn Spears Decoys Suing LAX Cops

Adesa Eskridge as Jamie Lynn Spears Decoy at LAX

Adessa Eskridge, 27 year old blonde girl from Ohio who was used as a Jamie Lynn Spears decoy to fool paparazzi in September last year is saying that cops made her do it and is suing LAX police, seeking over $100 000 in damages. Sounds like a pretty desperate attempt on behalf of Adessa Eskridge to making the most out of this. If I was to guess, I’d say Adessa Eskridge’s life plain and simple sucks and this small connection to Jamie Lynn Spears is the closest she’s made it to fame and money and is looking to monetize on it while she can.

This is becoming a norm – everyone who’s come to some form of connection with Jamie Lynn Spears is looking to monetize on that fact – either by filing law suits or by selling their made up rumors to the gossip magazines. Jamie Lynn Spears seems to attract nothing but this type of people. I’m having hard time going through archives of Jamie Lynn Spears past and tracking down one person who would not have made an attempt at cashing in on her and I can’t. Adessa Eskridge is no exception to this rule. That’s just ridiculous!

Chuck Vernon, lawyer from Houston who’s representing Adessa Eskridge is saying that LAX Cops simply grabbed at Adessa Eskridge and made her be Jamie Lynn Spears decoy against her will. Adessa Eskridge was marched to the paparazzi with intentions to make her look like she’s Jamie Lynn Spears – Chuck Vernon says.

They are looking for cash from the city of Los Angeles to compensate for public humiliation poor Adessa Eskridge had to go through when she received her 5 minutes of fame being treated like a star. If LA doesn’t pay, he’s going to sue. What a bunch of hogwash. To be perfectly honest, it’s after holidays, Adessa Eskridge probably spent more than she thought she did and now she’s short on cash. She remembered her connection to Jamie Lynn Spears and looked at possibilities to monetize on it. This would explain why the threats of lawsuit come with such delay. This is of course nothing but speculation, but it seems to happen each and every time with everyone who comes in contact with Jamie Lynn Spears.