Jamie Lynn Spears Stolen Breastfeeding Pictures Show Naked Breasts

Jamie Lynn Spears Stolen Breastfeeding Pictures

Somebody just showed very low form and is looking at legal trouble. Private pictures of Jamie Lynn Spears breastfeeding Maddie Briann were stolen and the person is looking to cash out on them. The circumstance of how these breastfeeding pictures were leaked is upsetting.

Casey Aldridge took pictures of Jamie Lynn Spears, her sister Britney Spears and himself with his digital camera. There were all together 12 pictures he took on his memory stick, which he took to local Wal-Mart to get developed (Casie, you cheap bastards… you go to Wal-Mart to get photos developed???). Some of the pictures were of personal nature, including shots of Jamie Lynn Spears breastfeeding 3 months old Maddie Briann Aldridge. A photo lab technician at Wal-Mart who saw the picture got a brilliant idea seeing Jamie Lynn Spears naked breasts and decided he/she was gonna try to get rich quick by stealing the pictures and putting them up for sale to the highest bidder.

Considering massive popularity Jamie Lynn Spears has enjoyed since new of her teenage pregnancy hit the media, there is no doubt that an actual pic of Jamie Lynn Spears naked, with bare boobs visible, even though breastfeeding a baby – would fetch nice amount of cash. But this is not what law enforcement officials from Liberty, Mississippi think.

Jamie Lynn Spears is still a minor. Attempting to sell images of a minor in such state of undress where breasts are naked and visible may constitute federal crime of trying to distribute child pornography (don’t quote me on that, I’m not a lawyer, but common sense tells me so).

I doubt any mainstream media would be interested in buying naked pictures of Jamie Lynn Spears as by buying pics of naked underage girl, they would expose themselves to pornography charges. And these are the guys who may otherwise be interested in paying big bucks, but not in this case.

It’s obvious that person who was running the photo lab at Wal-Mart that day saw a chance to quit their Wal-Mart job and make good cash discovering naked pictures of Jamie Lynn Spears, but things may not work out as smoothly in the end. I’m sure that person will no longer work at Wal-Mart. But not because he/she quit, but because they’re gonna get their ass fired. And if convicted, there could be a jail time and heavy fines. All I can say is – stupid!

Jamie Lynn Spears Image Credit: Fame Pictures

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24 thoughts on “Jamie Lynn Spears Stolen Breastfeeding Pictures Show Naked Breasts

  1. Ronda-Lynn

    That is just desgusting, know i thought Jamie was so cool and amazing, but know shes just a nasty slut that liikes to show her breast to everyone now perves is looking at them!!!!

  2. Ronda-Lynn

    Her boyfriend is just as retarded he is a bastard, what boyfriend wants to take pic of his girlfriend showing naked boobs and breast feeding its baby, that is nasty, i would get rid of his ass “quick”!

  3. joe

    why are they taking photos of her breast feeding ? I have never heard of that, how sick. They deserve it if this person shows the photos to everyone. Maybe they will use thier
    brains next time, a famous person bringing photos to walmart to get developed-ya thats someone who is smart enough to raise a child. Not only a slut , dumb too.

  4. kat

    what is so wrong about breastfeeding and taking pictures? I am a breastfeeding mother myself.

    Is it wrong to take pictures of babies who are bottle fed???

    think before you speak

  5. Arista

    Jamie is Such a Showw-Off and She is Just Copying what Britney Does and Jamie Should just Be Herself and Date guy’s that are Young as Her and that Maddie father is NOT Casey Aldridge cause that is what Jamie is sayin’ cause se just want’s to get on Britney is Bad Side and to tell you the father of Maddie well her Father is a Singer but I Cannot Say cause he is 32 Year’s Old and he is an Rap Singer but let me just say is what a Nice Try you did Jamie of make Believing your Stupid Kid is Father so Quit being a Bitch and just tell the world who is Maddie’s Real Father is…..

  6. matiana

    you are so gross little kids like me look up to you and now your acting like vannessa hudgens and miley cyrus grow up you are not the the age of your shoe size!!!!!

  7. Lareesha

    you are such a whore! You were the bomb when you stared in “ZOEY 101′! But i always thought that you had problems..
    ADVICE: grow-up, get a job, and a life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. rachel

    i’m a breastfeeding mother also, and i have to say the things most of you are saying is so wrong. do not call that innocent little baby stupid. ya she is famous? ok the difference bieng that she has more money and is on tv, but she is just like you and me.she has grown up, you can’t have a baby and raise her and provide for her without growing up. and she does have a job. making more money than you at mcdonalds, you think before you speak.she doesnt act like vannessa or miley, those photos are not meant to sexual, DUH. she is not a slut, breastfeeding is natural and should not be asocaited with the word nasty!

  9. rachel

    also you can’t say that you know who the father is unless you were in the bed watching them. HELLO, ANY SMART PEOPLE OUT THERE BESIDES kat? if having a baby makes you a whore than i guess i am one also. please know the definition of your words before you say them. a whore being a person who sleeps with multipal people. so tell me how she is a whore?

  10. tom

    Ok rachel I agree with every word that you said. Jamie doesn’t show off and make photos of herself, jamie is a hardworking woman she is nott the venessa 2 she is not you guys stop insulting her you don’t know how it feel to get pressured when you have a kid leave her alone she is doing a good job taking care of her daughter she is like all mothers leave her alone. She is not a slut or whore. Plus leave miley and vennessa alone.

  11. meghan

    im a mother to i just had a baby a week ago so u shouldnt say nothing about her because think befor u talk fyi i got a hot sexy 18 year old sitting right next to me and (p.s) were about to have sex

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